Being a boutique builder we cannot fully fund a build at any given time and therefore the entire project will be funded by you, the client. We will help you meet with mortgage consultants who are dedicated specifically in dealing with construction mortgages.

Custom design and development of your home through our trusted draftsman with a certified engineer approving the final drawings.

Site management and general contracting

We can be onsite as required to ensure all trades are coordinated and the timing of the construction activities are orchestrated to ensure efficiency and effective time management. If you are comfortable managing the site or select sections of the trades then we can be available as required for weekly site meetings or bi-weekly site meetings. Our level of involvement is entirely up to you however, we will ensure the project’s success and will be there as often as we need to in order to keep track of the progress and schedule.

  • Assistance in finding a lot that meets your wants and needs including a checklist of items that should be considered when assessing the suitability and value of a parcel of land.
  • The coordination and proper submission of city permits to ensure all requirements are met in a timely manner so your project can start on time.
  • Referral of lending institutions that specialize in building (construction) draws/mortgages.

Trade recommendations and quotes

From the house plan draftsman to masons, roofers, electricians, plumbers and kitchen designers we have an extensive list of 3 or 4 contacts in each trade that are reliable, affordable and do quality work. We will be involved in obtaining the quotes and pricing of all trades to ensure our discounts are passed on to you, the client.

Project Management of the House Build

We have many project management documents and templates that we will customize to effectively manage your build, from the preparation of documents for financing to the organizing of quotes to the development of a timeline for booking trades. This is an area that will be tailored to your needs and how you wish to set up the management of your build. We are here to ensure the success of your and our project.

Finishing your home and all the extras

Over time we have developed a list of suppliers, local connections and contractors that will save the average home builder thousands in the finishing stages of their home. When discussing home building with friends, family and potential clients it is often asked how do you have the time, patience or energy to make all those selections? To which we answer, that is a big part of the fun for us and something that we do as a hobby anyway! We can simply point you in the right direction for purchasing everything from hardwood and tile products, to garage door openers and fireplaces, finishings and décor ideas, all through our contacts and experience to reduce the time and effort it takes for you to find those perfect products that will really make your home the perfect escape. This decision, like the majority, in our business model, is entirely up to you.