Advantages vs General Contractors

  • Aid in the complete building experience from picking the perfect lot to suit the design of your home to after care service once the project is complete vs a GC that simply manages the building site
  • Scalable service that meets your wants and needs vs a standard GC that may include services and therefore fees you don’t need and exclude others you would like
  • All our trade costs become your trade costs – there are absolutely no hidden fees, trade kickbacks, etc.
  • Our fee pays for itself in our ability to secure preferred pricing on materials and services vs the GC experience that simply manages trades for a fee.
  • Always obtain quotes from 3 or 4 skilled and trusted contractors for each trade that clients have the ability to compare services from as opposed to having to go with the GC’s recommended trade

Advantages vs Builders

  • Ability to be involved in all aspects of selecting finishes and preferences from a variety of suppliers, i.e. windows, doors,fireplaces, tiles, kitchen and other custom cabinetry designs, lighting locations, paint colours and everything in between. A builder on the other hand generally restricts your selections to finishes like kitchen cabinets and flooring.
  • Builders carry the house until it is complete and pay all the costs up front, but with this comes a higher price tag; the average margin on a single family home from a builder is over 100,000 dollars – would you not rather put a large portion of that money into instant equity in your house?
  • Our services are much cheaper and can be just as encompassing.
  • Our boutique style approach to building means that we only take on a couple projects a year so your dream home has our complete attention to ensure no detail is overlooked.
  • We deliver personalized professional service as we have built our own homes and understand the importance of getting the finer details right.
  • We are a company of two so you will always be dealing with someone who cares passionately about your project and our reputation.