A boutique style, custom home building consultant with a new take on home design and development that will save you money without subtracting the quality and experience you get with a larger custom home builder.

Escape Homes Consulting uses a project management approach to home building therefore, the process, our fees, and all expectations are laid out up front and discussed in detail with you, the client. There are no hidden fees and all original quotes provided by the various trades, sub-trades and suppliers will be reviewed and approved by you before proceeding. Escape Homes Consulting will bring transparency and a wealth of knowledge, experience and options to your custom home building experience, ensuring a smooth and unique process that will always leave you satisfied.

A boutique builder means that we are a small outfit but one that is in tune with the latest and classic elements of home design. We are knowledgable of current and upcoming trends of the housing market, locations that are desired or ‘up and coming’ in terms of building and seeing a return on investment with the development of your dream home. As such, we can only take on a few clients a year to ensure our service standards remain super competitive.

Using our experience and professional business model, we receive contractor discounts ranging from 15-35% for materials and services, which are passed directly onto the client. We will also be able to save our clients’ money by ensuring the entire process is planned, organized, directed and controlled in a way that reduces many risks that come with building your own home and navigating the permit process.