Now for a little bit about us. Our small little boutique building business consists of a husband and wife duo. We are both working professionals who, when are not busy with our young son and two boxers, use the vast majority of our free time researching vacant land, staying current on housing market prices and design trends, and working in the construction field. It definitely feels more like a hobby than work as it is our true passion. We will bring the same attention, detail and dedication to your home as if it was our own. Have a look at the services we offer and if you are even contemplating building your own home, we would love to meet with you to answer any questions you may have.

To be clear we are not a custom home builder, we are custom home consultants/project managers.

What is the difference?

To us a custom home builder is a company that will provide you with a few housing options and build you a home with your input along the way and a considerable price tag at the end. There services are often well worth every penny and are ideal for those people who can afford that service and who are not interested or may not have the time to be involved in the building of their home. If this is the route you are looking to pursue we would gladly make some recommendations of custom builders you should contact.

Our business model on the other hand is simple: we are personal project managers and advisors that will help you navigate the custom design and entire build of your home. From planning the process, getting quotes, lining up the trades, all the way to helping you find the best deals on the products and finishes to be displayed within your new home.